Professional Services

As a professional farrier, I have the training, the experience, the on-going continuing education credentials and the use of the most current technological advances that are supported by equine anatomical science, to effectively resolve virtually any hoof-related issue that impacts your horse. Working hand-in-hand with your equine veterinarian, I also have direct, real-time, phone-call access to the resident farriers at the foremost veterinary colleges in the world and many world-renown equine lameness private veterinary surgical hospitals.

Treatment For:

  • Laminitis and Founder

  • White Line Disease

  • Third Phalanx
    (Coffin Bone) Fractures
  • Navicular Disease
  • Ringbone



  • Pedal Osteitis
  • Navicular Bone Fractures

  • Navicular Bursitis

  • Sub-solar abscess
  • Canker



  • Sub-mural Abscess
  • Sub-solar bruising
  • Hoof capsule cracks
  • Shelly Wall
  • Sidebone



  • Corns
  • Complete hoof loss
  • Hoof wall avulsion
  • Soft Hooves


Types of shoes used and applied:

  • All types of bar shoes including, egg bars, heart bars, Z-bars, full-support bars, rocker bar, Patten bar, fishtail, mushroom.
  • Glue-on Shoes - all brands and varieties.
  • Collateral Ligament Shoes
  • Navicular Shoes
  • Suspensory Ligament Shoes

I have had the privilege of performing extensive farrier work in forty-six countries throughout the world and continue to learn something new every time I pick up a hoof.  Some of the many breeds and types of horses on which I work are:

  • Thoroughbred
  • Quarter Horses
  • Draft Horses


  • Arabs
  • Mules
  • Burros


  • Minis
  • Ahkal-Teke
  • Ponies
  • Paso Fino
  • Mangalarga Marchador
  • Andalusians

Performance Shoeing:

  • Cutting
  • Roping
  • Barrel Racing
  • Gymkhana
  • Single Action Shooting
  • Endurance racing
  • Hunters
  • Jumpers
  • 3 Day Eventing