My Commitment

  • I view our relationship as a partnership with the purposeful mission of responsible, sensitive stewardship and husbandry of your horse's complete care.
  • I will treat your horse as the living, breathing, sensitive, magnificent creation it is and has placed his trust, his care and his life in my caring hands.
  • I will speak openly and honestly with you about the needs of your horses at all times; making suggestions that are based on my experience, supported by science and endorsed by respected veterinarians.
  • I will consult with you on any number of equine related subjects and provide you with academic, scholarly articles that serve as the empirical foundation for my practice or veterinary prescription.
  • I will send you articles and other informational items I come across that I know would be of interest to you.
  • I am available to you, 24/7 if you or your horse's situation warrants my skills, services and attention.
  • I will always keep your horses on a schedule that we mutually determine, based upon their specific needs.
  • I will be there when I say I'm going to be there.
  • I will always call before I come.
  • I will be sure to leave your barn cleaner than it was before I came.
  • I will, each time I trim or shoe your horses, do a better job than the last person who did them...even if that person was me.
  • I will place "before & after" photos and notes of each horse and each trim/shoeing evolution, into a shared Dropbox folder. You will have access to that folder from anywhere in the world, at any time.

James Wyatt Weatherford APF-1, CF

24 Hour Emergency Service Available